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An MCM Net Guide to… Influencers - MCM
To put it simply, an influencer is a person who has the power to affect the purchase decisions of others. Many influencers are in a position

Influence of pore size of MCM-41 matrices on drug delivery rate ...
In this work we have studied the influence of the pore diameter of MCM-41 matrices covering a wide range of sizes on the in vitro releasing

Influencer Logic: Main
University Masters of Communications Management program (MCM).

Influence of Tin Loading and Pore Size of Sn/MCM-41 Catalysts on ...
In this work, we investigate the influence of the Sn-loading and the pore size of MCM-41 materials on catalytic nopol production.

Influence of deposited amine‐functionalized Si‐MCM‐41 in ...
Abstract Among several oil/water emulsion separation technologies, the utilization of nanoparticle-decorated membranes with diverse

Influence of pore size of MCM-41 matrices on drug delivery rate
The influence of pore size of MCM-41 materials on drug delivery rate has been studied. In order to achieve this objective, small pore size MCM-41 materials

Influence of α‐tocopherol/MCM‐41 assembly on physical and ...
Influence of α-tocopherol/MCM-41 assembly on physical and antioxidant release properties of low-density polyethylene antioxidant active films.

Influence of Au/Pd alloy on an amine functionalised ZnCr LDH ...
In the present study, Au/Pd bimetallic alloy loaded amine (APTES) functionalised LDH (Layered double hydroxide)–MCM-41 composite was prepared through an in situ

Influence of promoted 5% Ni/MCM‐41 catalysts on hydrogen yield in ...
Summary The modern world needs to find an alternative fuel that can replace the nonrenewable fossil fuels. Being versatile, sustainable

Isobutane/2-butene alkylation on MCM-22 catalyst. Influence of ...
Influence of zeolite structure and acidity on activity and selectivity.
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