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Attribution and Influencer Marketing: How to Track Your Campaigns ...
Through this post, we will take a look at the connection between marketing attribution and influencers and share some tangible tips for your business to

What is an Attribution Model?
An attribution model refers to the set of rules that determine which marketing channels should be credited for conversions at various stages of the customer

Advancements in Attribution & Tracking Influencer ROI - Tagger
Now, we're looking at attribution modeling where we can pull back sales data from eCommerce sites generated by influencer campaigns.

It's Easier Than Ever to Track Attribution for Influencer Marketing
Amazon's Attribution Program and Influencer Program make it easier than ever to track sales and traffic attribution for social media

Attribution: The Missing Link for Influencer Marketing? - [Talking ...
In order to make the influencer attribution equation work, a model needs to account for the quality and quantity of their reach on social

Using Amazon Attribution tool for influencer marketing
We explain how using the Amazon Attribution tool for influencer marketing campaigns provides the metrics needed to track and measure

Influencer Whitelisting and Attribution Tracking Unpacked - Blog ...
Brands should utilize whitelisted influencers and attribution tracking in their affiliate program to measure and scale their campaigns.

Why Attribution Will Replace Promo Codes and Affiliate Links For ...
Why measuring influencer campaigns is tricky. Traditionally, influencer marketing campaign results have relied on two main measurements; promo

Identify Impactful Influencers & Accurately Measure ROI - StatSocial
Discover the Capabilities of Silhouette For Influencer Identification & Attribution.. Take an Audience-First Approach to Partnerships.

Sale Attribution - Introducer, Influencer and Closer
The re-targetting ad? Or maybe the coupon? The market is evolving beyond the traditional last click attribution model. Affiliate networks and 
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